Our 48 Hour Film Project Award

We won an award! On the weekend of June 9th, our team entered the 48 Hour Film Project challenge for the first time with a short movie called "Burnout Trail" and we were selected for the "Best of Minneapolis" finals, which took place tonight at the Riverview Theater (one of the last lovely theaters around). The competition was great, the quality of the films was very high and we went home with "Best Ensemble Cast" for Minneapolis 2006! Amazing! Full props go to Leigha Horton, our casting director (she played Counselor in our movie, too) and her cadre of talented and fun people that made up our cast. The award is really all theirs -- Leigha Horton, Elizabeth Hawes (Reef), David Coral (Shroom), Natalie Rae Wass (Speed) and Nathan Surprenant (Frank Mooney, DJ).

48HFP - Burnout Trail




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