Zombie Pub Crawl 05

Just finished up a short documentary-style movie about this past weekend's Zombie Pub Crawl, wherein 100+ people dressed up like zombies (think bloody, rotting flesh, dirty) and went for a little jaunt through NE Minneapolis for a quick nip down to the pubs. I figured this had to be good fodder for filming and I wasn't disappointed. The makeup and costuming was pretty impressive and for the most part everyone was sticking in character, although I'm sure that got easier as the night wore on (which I was unable to witness, sadly). I grabbed my DVX and some tapes and my shotgun mic and captured it all hand-held. The piece was shot, edited, music created by me using Soundtrack, and finished all up in less than three working days.
As featured on MNstories.com - see also the related article in City Pages.
In QuickTime's spankin' H.264 format (amazing! and a free download here). Click the picture to watch (about 20 megs)! Hopefully this won't kill my bandwidth...


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