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June 16, 2005

Basement Rumpus

The basement family/rumpus room project that was started a while back has been finished and it turned out fabulously. It is such a nice addition to the living space of the lovenest. Now, on to other news: we'll be hosting the lovenest in a more appropriate location very soon. And hopefully update it more than once a year. Stuff has been happening, just too much stuff to write about!

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October 23, 2003

Basement Makeover

Better late than never...the basement update.

The major work is complete: floor, walls, carpet, and new windows. Here's the before (while the floor was being broken up for the waterproofing), and the after. Yep, that's the exact same corner, although these pictures were all taken before we got our swank new windows.

We made a TV/video game area and a spot for playing board games (or for big sewing projects if I ever get around to one). All that remains is adding some more electrical outlets, and hanging up some artwork!

Anyone up for a game of trivia in the rumpus room?!

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October 17, 2003

New Basement Windows

Remember those nasty old single-pane crusty drafty pathetic basement windows we used to have? We have new glass-block, non-drafty windows with vents now! No more bugs creeping in to make Meghan scream.

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August 20, 2003


Just finished painting the basement hallway. All that remains is painting the stairs. Ahh...

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July 27, 2003

The Neverending Project

I had to remind Jeremy (and myself) earlier today how far we've come on the basement. It seems like the project will never end, and the sad part is we're not really finishing it, just making it livable and somewhat cute.

We don't have much in the way of before pictures, but it wasn't great. Skanked out floor (as most basements have), made worse by a muddy flooding after a summer storm. In the northwest corner there used to be two old storage closets (which we ripped out). The walls were stained and had white paint on some areas, rust-colored paint on others. There were boxes down there full of stuff that J hadn't gotten the energy to sort through yet after moving into the house from an apartment. You get the picture.

Even though it's not paradise now, it's a damn fine improvement. It's great to have more room to put things. The house is pretty small, so we need a spot for kitchen appliances that only get used sporadically, and books and other things. I'm also a big believer that no one wants to actually look at one's collection of CDs, DVDs, or videos so you should put them in a room that's not your actual living room. So, my videos are downstairs, and the DVDs will probably go down there, too. I don't think Jeremy can part with the CDs, but we'll call it even and move on. Compromise, baby. Compromise.

So, here's where we're at:
- Walls, done. Painted Ironstone White (Martha Stewart), satin finish.
- Trim, done. Painted Dogwood (Martha Stewart, semi-gloss.
- Stairs, partially done. Will be Dogwood in some areas, Silver Gray (Behr) in others.
- Stairwell walls, partially done. Will be Corn Silk (Martha Stewart).
- Floor, done. Silver Gray.
- We laid down some berber carpet on the north half -- it's not professionally installed or anything, but it looks nice. It's a definite improvement. Incidentally, the carpet was $300! That includes padding, but still. Holy crap. And we bought the on-sale special buy stuff! Egad, how do they stay under $1000/room on Trading Spaces? Anyway, the most painful part of laying down the carpet was trying to work around the sewer stack and support pillar thingies with an xacto knife, but Jeremy was all-pro. Nice job, honey!
- Bought a heavy-duty storage shelf and started loading it up with swanky Sterilite storage containers from Target.
- Moved my futon, Jeremy's Poang chair (the real one isn't that color) and my entertainment center-type stuff down there. He thinks my videos are so '90s (which, of course, they are) but I can't wait to make him watch Strictly Ballroom, A Little Princess, and Thrashin'!

So, this week I vow to finish painting the stairs, and stairwell, and move more stuff down there. Sweet!

Pictures coming soon.

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July 14, 2003

Rainy Days & Mondays

It's pouring rain right now. Let's hope our newly-waterproofed and Martha Stewart-painted basement holds up. Cross your fingers!

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July 11, 2003

Water and Laundry

Today I am a plumber. My buddy Michael is helping me out. The old big nasty cement laundry tub was removed and a smaller plastic tub was installed. This involved moving the supply lines back to the wall about ten inches and hooking up a new drain. The water to the house (the main) had to be shut off because the main shut off valve inside the house was stripped. This also had to be replaced, which involved a new section of pipe and a new shut-off that won't strip. The city came out and turned the water on and off for free and with very prompt service.

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Cellar Dweller

As we speak, Jeremy is in the basement with Michael fixing the main water line. Rumor has it that the laundry tub is all hooked up! Whoo hoo!

This weekend we'll work on painting the floor, walls, and beams on the South side of the basement (North side is done). Again, photos are forthcoming.

This is going to be sooo fun. I hope you enjoy our little houseablog.

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