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these are the Kingdom of Squirrels archives arranged by month
The Month of October 2020
[Halloween '20] [2020, y'all]

The Month of August 2009
[Feature Film Shoot]

The Month of November 2008
[As an Alternative to Wine, Think Cider] [Netflix Watch Instantly for Mac Report]

The Month of October 2008
[Affordable Luxuries: Viewville Prints]

The Month of June 2008
["Skating" at Bryant-Lake Bowl] [Obama rally in St. Paul]

The Month of April 2008
[ is beta launched!]

The Month of March 2008

The Month of October 2007
[Our MGG Film Wins Award]

The Month of September 2007
[Mac HDTivo] [Casshern DVD]

The Month of August 2007
[The IT Crowd v2]

The Month of June 2007
[Megastorm Wins!] [We Got A Smart Car Preview] [We Made A Film in 48] [48HFP 2007 Starts Tonight] [Smart Car Tour]

The Month of May 2007

The Month of April 2007
[Little Bunny]

The Month of February 2007
[Final Cut Pro 6 set for NAB]

The Month of January 2007
[Long Bladers] [Diamond Age miniseries] [Toast 8 With TivoToGo]

The Month of December 2006
[5 Things You Didn't Know About Me] [TrailRunner] [White Squirrel]

The Month of November 2006
[PBK QA = FUBAR] [Curbly]

The Month of September 2006
[Karole Farley: All That Freedom]

The Month of August 2006
[Text Message Of The Day]

The Month of July 2006
[Six Months, Baby]

The Month of June 2006
[We Won a 48 HFP Award] [Found - Say Yes] [48 Hour Film Project Finalist!] [48 Hour Film Project Begins]

The Month of May 2006
[Pillow Fight Me]

The Month of April 2006
[Swamp Thing]

The Month of March 2006
[Shots] [Spiderbrace] [Toe, Broken]

The Month of January 2006
[Adventures of Trixie] [My Baby Girl Beatrix] [Wee Wilker Arrives] [Is This It?] [3DVX3 HD Stereo Camera] [Backyard Visitors] [photocasting feeds] [Due Date]

The Month of December 2005
[Happy Mac How-To] [Zombie at Cinema Lounge] [Eat Dog Cat Mouse Super Monk] [sweet zombie squirrels]

The Month of November 2005
[Fontographer for OS X] [Photojournalist] [Yum! Tom Yum] [The Crushing Blow] [The Zombie Show] [Free Zombie Screening] [BlancoWS for iView] [Race Through Paris] [booze]

The Month of October 2005
[Center That Float] [RUNAWAY wins at Austin Film Festival] [Friendly Neighbor Buck] [Zombie Crawl] [What is Tactiva?] [Apple's Big Event 2005] [not-ennui] [A New Bubble?] [Birthday No. 36] [The Myth of a Free Mom]

The Month of September 2005
[My Treat] [I Am The Donald] [Lazy Web - Help!]

The Month of August 2005
[Movie Spoiler] [mndoc] [ULTRA SOUND] [Now With Chipmunks]

The Month of July 2005
[Grinder] [Charlie Potter and the Half Chocolate Baby Factory] [Squirrels Gone Wild] [On The Move]

The Month of June 2005
[Gutter Punk] [Pressure Cooker]

The Month of May 2005
[Bar Talk]

The Month of April 2005
[The Eternal Question] [What a butthead]

The Month of March 2005
[Steer Soaping] [100 Degrees] [Nobody's Taking Showers Anymore]

The Month of February 2005
[Cool Tech Pace] [Two Words] [It was a good day...] [ZITS!] [Continued...]

The Month of December 2004
[Can-taminated] [RC Aerial Photography]

The Month of November 2004
[Wedding, Whirlwind] [My Nerd Wife] [First Ave Closed?!] [Conservative Crashers] [WiMax Band]

The Month of October 2004
[ipodphoto] [28mm Farewell] [Three Five] [We've Created a Monster!]

The Month of September 2004
[Kill That Noise] [Soft September] [Thomas Logan] [Netflix RSS] [In The Face] [Going Down Underground] [Goal!]

The Month of August 2004
[Scooter Du 5 Pix] [Compressor Fix] [Skooter Du 5] [Actiontec DSL Webserver Fix] [Brown Bunny]

The Month of July 2004
[ALERT! Please Help] [Mossberg: AirPort Express 'falls far short'] [new 04 pod] [Tina, Come Get Some Ham]

The Month of June 2004
[Moore Film Breaks Records] [Dodge This] [Hop On The Train] [Rollei MiniDigi] [Tarkovsky Polaroids]

The Month of May 2004
[Deserted Island Pix] [US Guards Filmed Beatings] [Dogs and Death] [Into The Closets] [Disney buries movie to save tax-breaks] [28MM May04]

The Month of April 2004
[Apple Moves Me] [Local Apple Training] [Movin' On Up] [Mullet] [Penguins, Again]

The Month of March 2004
[Panther Secrets] [Pixar releases RenderMan for OS X] [Real Dumb] [Jay-Zeezer] [28MM is back] [Photolog Tutorial in Japanese]

The Month of February 2004
[Clicker for Nokia!] [Coolest Trailer] [iTunes Cards] [Idol] [Rick Dangerous] [Penguin Bash] [Moooovies]

The Month of January 2004
[2004 Oscar Nominees] [Space Frosting] [LiFE with Photo Cinema] [Veer adds CSA Images collections] [iTunes Custom RSS Feeds] [TextAmerica Image Grab] [Here's the Price of Fame: $218.32] [The Cable Guy] [Apple MWSF 04] [Monkeys!]

The Month of December 2003
[Some Best Things of 2003] [Secret + santa] [Moblog 3650] [Big In Japan, er, Denmark] [Yatta!] [More Flickers] [The Station Agent] [Elvis Blogs]

The Month of November 2003
[There Is No 'I' In Team] [Pieces of April] [DVX100A] [Matrix Revolutions] [G5 Optimized Pro Software] [Camera Share] [Wha happened...?] [WeeklyDV: Tone (Sepia)]

The Month of October 2003
[Photo Friday: Night] [WeeklyDV: Soundtrack] [After Life] [WeeklyDV Returns] [Yipe! New iBooks!] [KOISG] [oooh, owwww, ahhhhh] [iPod Gear?] [Cool Design Stuff] [Travels]

The Month of September 2003
[Same Thing] [Brassy] [Lost In Translation] [Image Bank] [MedicMom] [Power Books!] [Cash and Faith] [Such An Ass] [Matrix Ping Pong] [New iPods] [Ice Queen] [Sunday Riders] [Labor Day Getaway] [Photo Friday: Aged]

The Month of August 2003
[Giving My Town A Bad Name] [Arachnaphobia] [iPod People] [Okoboji Weekend] [Skooter Du 4] [The Pink iBook Project] [Dual G5 Playtime] [Otherwise Engaged] [Run Down]

The Month of July 2003
[Soundtrack Lounge] [Photo Friday: Mechanism] [Weekend Wrapup] [Sony's New Clie] [Apple Soundtrack goes solo] [Sensorialinks] [Old School] [WireTap] [You Need Me] [song: untitled number 1]

The Month of June 2003
[26 Things] [Man With A Movie Camera] [Cinematic Orchestra] [Photo Friday: Angles] [Standing In Water] [Whale Rider] [o2bee's loss] [Housework? Play!] [PowerMac G5] [Made Me Cry] [Doc Says OK] [Photo Friday: Critters] [Jack Hammer] [Love Jeannie] [iTrip] [Recycling] [Photo Friday: Multiples] [One More Test] [Soldyer!] [Coolest Site Ever?] [Triple Header] [My Funny Valentine] [Photo Friday: Packaging] [Final Cut Pro 4 on June 14] [What's That On Your Head?]

The Month of May 2003
[Beach Resort] [Photo Logs] [Photo Friday: Overlooked] [Lost Wisdom] [Benign] [Unloading on The Matrix Reloaded] [Roxio + Pressplay = Napster] [You've Got A Fast Car] [Hate it? Pee on it.] [Photo Friday: Candy] [The Matrix Reloaded] [PlayStation News. PSP!] [New Toy Hopes] [Photo Friday: Urban] [Comic Book Guy] [Lawn Boy] [A Side Of Me You've Never Seen] [Fear of Impending Tests] [Apple Sells 1 Million Songs] [Angry Baboons Block Road]

The Month of April 2003
[AGFA Adds Chank Fonts] [Duck Duck Gay Duck?] [Link to iTunes Music Store] [Hackers] [iTunes Artwork] [OS X Crashing] [New Ipods, New Music Service] [iView Media] [Digital Photo Course] [Bagelmunk] [Asian Food] [Stop The FCC] [Flavor] [Apple Music?] [Mighty Wind] [Photo Friday: Water] [Chank Spunk] [Video Package] [Stop Calling Me] [Free Miyazaki DVD] [Photo Friday] [Vegan Recipes] [Honda Advert] [New Safari] [InDesign Rising] [Old Train] [Photo Day] [New Faucet] [Ha! Worms!] [Apple to buy Universal Music] [Photolog Mess] [Weekend Work or Sleep?] [Accordian Guy Saved] [FCP 4 Announced] [Shower Thought] [Anything and Everything] [zoinks! clie wifi!] [Spooky. One Year.] [Magnetic Poem #3] [What is Soybo?]

The Month of March 2003
[Magnetic Poem #2] [Ten Second Film Winners] [Magnetic Poem #1] [Questions? Answers.] [Eye-Popping Space Pix] [Weblog Song] [Live, Love, Let Go] [Make Radiohead Video] [Spirit Award Winners] [Oscar Winners] [Our Progress] [Bathroom, Phase 1] [Mac OS X Hacks] [Street Photography] [Apple Humor] [Free Book for Web Geeks] [Eve of Destruction] [Cereal and Miscellaneous] [Peace Video] [Self Evident] [Clie WiFi] [Best Movie 2002] [Watch. Think.] [Asya] [IKEA, FINALLY] [Nokia Cat Ad?] [Cheer Up, Ozzy] [Free Music] [Whirlwind Trip] [Dilly!] [Top 50 SFF Books] [Zip Crackle POW] [Vintage Clothes] [InDesign Applescripts] [iPod Competition] [Shows and Shows] [Train In Transit] [dirty tricks to win vote on war] [Naan Movie]

The Month of February 2003
[Day Job] [Scandalous TV] [Missed Gibson] [Iowa Weekend] [Ready?] [ The Theaters] [Plumber-ing] [Vagabonding] [The Guru] [Google Blogs?] [Jack's B-Day] [Daredevil] [Erotica Poetry Slam] [Bottle Rocket] [Craig's List] [New MovableType and KungLog] [Pictures Perfect] [Movie Nominations] [Scanner Cute] [Shanghai Knights] [Vote KOS!] [Liquid Leather] [First Snow, Last Snow?] [Need To Visit]

The Month of January 2003
[Go-Off Week] [Kinison and TV Guide] [iLife] [Flicker: Green] [Movielens] [Library Speculation] [Apple Ups Ante] [Stop-Motion-Studio] [Weekend Motorcycle Show] [Doctor's Call] [Less Work, More Flow: InDesign] [Shakedown!] [Simon!] [Stupid Movie-goers] [Tonight's Menu] [I Sat In Every Seat] [Clips and Fish] [Icelandic Music] [Flicker: Micro] [Oh. Sad News.] [Furnace Fix 2] [Chronos F10 Launch Studio] [Altoid Cam] [Little Bonus] [Flicker: Statements] [The Detroit Project] [MacWorld Spectacular] [My iPod Dream] [The Future: 10 Years Past, Still Geek] [neighboorhoodfilms] [28mm] [LOTR Two Towers] [New Year's Eve QTVR from Times Square] [Bye Bye '02]

The Month of December 2002
[My Fortune] [Bald Eagles] [Newsreel Archives] [Great Day] [Not the Eskimo] [Beandizzy bookmarklets] [NetNewsWire Pro] [Work Overload Humor] [Best Movie of 02] [Flicker: Winter] [QuickTime Phones!] [Bye Bye Mud Pie] [Far From Heaven] [DJ iPod] [Rolling Robbers] [Brrr. Furnace Out!] [Truth Hurts, Funny] [Flicker 4: Attack of the Ninety Foot Toys] [Going Postal] [Sudden Interest] [TV Tech] [Chance Meetings] [Shadows of Motown]

The Month of November 2002
[thanksturkeyday 02] [Thai Food] [Another Flicker] [Order Your Segway] [PVR + DVD-R + Edit] [Where Is It?] [Look-a-like] [Ani D] [Free Thrills] [X.2.2] [Group 101] [Ala Carte Cable] [New 'Books!] [Voting Day] [Customize iDVD]

The Month of October 2002
[FCP Plugins] [WeeklyDV: Haunted] [Sneak Preview: I Spy (A Dud)] [Teletubbie Bjork] [Must-See Movie] [OH NO] [Overheard At Work] [Panic Transmit] [My WeeklyDV Entry: Germs] [The Meeting] [Meeting Tomorrow] [Morning Snow] [Amateurs] [Take The Day Off And...] [Snow Showers] [Kite Panoramas] [PolaFrame for ImageRodeo] [Transit Dreams] [Wired News News] [WeeklyDV: Orange] [Final Cut Pro Info] [Get Surly?] [Gift Package] [New Photos!] [33 Today] [Anita's Wedding] [Modern Life] [Digital Video Site] [Groggy]

The Month of September 2002
[Perky] [OS X and ImageMagick] [Phone Call] [Irises] [MN Ikea?] [Hungry Creature] [Spirited Away] [Monsters!] [San Fran 2002] [Cup Stackers] [San Fran Tips?] [Cirque!] [The Journey] [Hugo Award]

The Month of August 2002
[Bumper Sticker Wisdom] [Smart Kid] [Canadian Foods] [Schoolhouse Rocks DVD] [Gasp! Gulping Air! Yes!] [Perrier Across America] [Another Spoof] [OS X Release] [Weekend Recovery] [iMovie Plugins] [Still Here]

The Month of July 2002
[Christine Rocks] [Karoo Music] [Goldmember] [Arbor Lakes?] [Bjork DVDs and CDs] [Amelie DVD] [Switch Parody] [100 Albums You No Longer Need] [Lactose-Free Ice Cream] [iTunes 3 XML] [Amazon Lite] [MWNY Keynote at U] [QuickTime 6 now!] [Chip and Dale] [Homer Tech] [Yearly Rumors] [Disappoint Satisfy] [African Union] [Dr. Strangelove] [too many things to read] [No Fireworks] [Cleaner Vehicles Now] [This is why] [Solo Balloon Trip Success] [Lychee!] [2 fer 2's day]

The Month of June 2002
[Ah, crap! No, WOW!] [Other Blogs] [Boba Tea] [Switch Spoofs] [MT 2.2 + Trackback!] [UMAX, U SUX] [Listen To My Command] [Too Close] [5x24 Summary] [Banff] [5x24 Movie] [Deep Throat is...] [Midwestern Wildlife] [Broadsided] [Lawn Care Evil Doer] [Rabbits!] [QuickTime 6 Preview!] [Small Towns]

The Month of May 2002
[KAIJU BIG BATTEL!!] ["Bowling..." Wins At Cannes] [Now I Can Beat Him] [Stop It Now] [Where Is Sleep?] [Soft-O-Mat] [First Tobacco, Now Media?] [Frozen Treats] [Screeching Halt] [Bad Day It Was] [Apple XServe] [PS2 Price Cut] [Couch Arm] [Hunkering] [Face The Music] [Einstein's Loophole] [The Big Lie] [Photolog In 5 Easy Steps] [A Donut By Any Other Name...] [Spidey] [NY Weekend] [New iView And More] [4 Days] [No Time Concept]

The Month of April 2002
[Radio Poster] [What The Heck?] [I Am A Cartoon] [New Macs!] [Digipix] [It's Just A Donut] [Blarghagahh....] [April Snow] [Bragg'ing] [Swinging? Pay Up!] [Bing! A Baby!] [Kon-Tiki Drifts Away] [Squirrel Fishing] [B-Ball and Grass] [Photoshop 7 Ships] [Chicago] [Digital Camera]

The Month of March 2002
[Sushi] [Oscar 02] [More Moby] [Distant Neighbors] [Single And Working] [Apple MWTokyo Gear] [Ghost In The Machine] [Light Pollution Law] [Monsoon Wedding] [Twin Cities Light Rail] [What is Dogma 2.0?] [Writing More] [New Server] [They Obliterated It] [How A Brain Works] [C-c-c-cold]

The Month of February 2002
[Silent Reverence, Please] [HTML Everywhere] [Sony's New DigiCam] [Jackie Chan Injured] [Stupid White...] [Video Making] [Bam! Surprise.] [World Record Movie Watching] [Ahh, Grilling] [Another Blog Tool] [Foveon Digital Cam Breakthrough] [Pop Can Stoves] [BlogScript 1.5]

The Month of January 2002
[Friends From Abroad] [Single Friend Reduction] [To Catch A Mac Thief] [New Mac User] [Snowboarding] [Nate's Wedding] [Mortgage Payments] [Ralph Nader] [Missing: Big Wad O' Money] [Wallace And Gromit] [Radio To MovableType] [I should be out running] [The iPhoto Prints] [South Africa Finds Oldest Artwork] [iPhoto] [The New iMac] [Shoe Appeal?] [Top Foreign Films]

The Month of December 2001
[Holiday Then New Year] [Czech that balloon!] [Trip To The Met] [Christmas Tradition?] [Too Warm For Christmas] [Horse Farms] [Gas Stations] [Passing On] [Rand Falls More] [The Segway Dream] [Do Not Regret] [The Hawk Connection] [The Megway!] [South Africa Exchange Rate] [Dad's Visit] [Waking On The Verge] [Final Cut Pro 3.0] [The Segway (aka Ginger)] [The Ghostly Turbine] [The Malkovich Party]

The Month of November 2001
[Winter Is Here] [Ah, The Smells of Turkey Day] [The Libera Manifesto] [Amazing Bike Map] [Best Movie Of The Year] [Anybody Got A 400 Hour Tape?] [I Really Looked Hard, But Nothing] [Learn To Dance] [Super Nice Day] [November Warmth] [iTunes 2.0 is out!]

The Month of October 2001
[LOTR Makes Final Cut] [Online Music Takes A Hit] [Crap! Snow!] [The iPod] [IKEA coming to town?] [debut of uncensored bjork video] [My new Cinema Display] [golden yellow light] [Star Wars: Phantom Menace on DVD] [a dozen fortunes] [birthday dinner] [ghost world] [Nader Speaks Against War] [my dj set list] [local computer rentals] [Jedi Knights A Religion] [keeping their promise] [the pressure is on] [Mohonk means mo' tired] [she had tatoos of table lamps] [you'd think they never sleep] [fly fly fly] [AppleScript for Blogging] [another new version!] [working long hours...] [Night Running] [photo test] [Mac OS X 10.1] [this is a another test] [the watertower forest] [this is it!]

The Month of September 2001
[Mac OS X 10.1 is pretty great] [new Mac OS X on Saturday] [Lord Of The Rings] [Earwigs Are Gross!] [a life celebrated] [maybe this makes sense] [Get Past The Anger] [planes flying again] [This is not a test.]

The Month of July 2001
[anybody want a peanut?] [the party] [ sleep] [macworld NY] [berry-munching critters be gone!] [the drunken bicyclist]

The Month of June 2001
[six years later] [juno reactor] [back at home] [heavy things]

The Month of April 2001
[I have hard-wood floors!] [it doesn't make me] [rain rain go away come again another day] [sister moon]

The Month of March 2001
[X Day] [Ever More Geeky...] [General Craziness]

The Month of February 2001
[TOOOBIN'!] [Titanium Casings] [ZZZzzzz... Tired] [BAM! It happened.] [My spider-sense is tingling!]

The Month of January 2001
[Three Tires and Good Intentions] [Trampling Of Little Feet] [Holiday Party] [When You Get Messed With] [Bedtime Stories] [Never Trust A Prostitute...] [MacWorld SF] [Birthdays And Old Friends] [Heat And Light] [Apple's New Software?] [Cussing Old Guy] [01/01/01]

The Month of December 2000
[It's Fluffy! It's Fun!] [A Short Week] [What A Dork] [Happy Holidays!]

The Month of December 1999
[About This Site]